Plates for My Peeps

I’ve had an epiphany. 

While speaking with my friend, I found out there is a site called Kickstarter  that helps folks with projects be matched up with people who would like to fund the projects.  I let my friend know that I have been working on a project idea for some time.  He was thrilled to here my immediate exuberance at the news he gave me.

I told him that I have had a life-long dream to deliver paper plates to everyone in the world.  They don’t have to have food on them or anything.  They just need to be a plain white paper plate.  You know the kind that you get at really cheap picnics or potluck dinners.  They really aren’t good for much.  Even so, they still qualify as a plate.

With almost seven billion people on the planet, I am going to need a lot of plates to finish the project.  I am not sure how many yet.  

My business plans calls for me getting a good deal on them at Walgreen’sIf they are not on sale at the time, then I could probably just go to Sam’s ClubThey do a good job selling things in bulk.  My early pricing tells me that seven billion plates at full cost (not a sale price) would cost $194,320,000.  (That’s $194 million).  Now if I can catch a BOGO sale at Walgreen’s, then I can cut that cost down to $87,000,000.  That would be a GREAT deal, wouldn’t it?

Since I believe in the ONE project concept and in the global nature of human existence, I have named my project PLATES FOR MY PEEPSI don’t have my domain name purchased yet as I am saving my pennies to go to buying all those plates.  If you would like to buy it for me, that would be great.  I just checked and is available for $9.99.  You can CLICK HERE to purchase it for me.

I was considering some other names for the project like the Global Paper Plate Initiative and Plates Around the World.  I think you will agree that PLATES FOR MY PEEPS is much better.  I also figure that if I come up short on funding, I can always change the name to PLATE FOR MY PEEP.  (I already have one plate in my warehouse!)

In today’s tough economic times, when jobs are scarce, I believe that my PLATES FOR MY PEEPS project could be a real boost to the economy.  First off, just think what is going to happen with the Walgreen’s stock value when I buy $194 million worth of plates in one store at one time. 

Furthermore, I am going to need to hire a staff to help with the project.  I will need a secretary to do all of the paper work.  Well, I guess I should say the paper plate work.  I will also need a publicist so the world knows what I am doing.  I will need to hire a photographer and videographer to capture the project for posterity.  Others may want to emulate my work, so having something like a documentary of this project would probably help them a lot.  I will need a blogger for obvious reasons.  I will need to hire a distributor to get these plates to everyone too.  Finally, with all of these jobs I would be creating, I will need to hire an HR director to help me hire all these people and to make sure that I am an Equal Opportunity Employer and to drug test everyone.  (I am not sure who will help me hire the HR director though.  Maybe I can create another Kickstarter project to help with that.)

I anticipate that with the worldwide success of the PLATES FOR MY PEEPS project, other projects will be spun off.  I have anticipated a few.  I think a natural offshoot to this project would be the PLASTICWARE EVERYWHERE PROJECT, the DON’T FEEL ALONE WITH SOLO CUPS PROJECT and of course, the LIME GREEN JELLO DOES NOT HAVE TO BE MOLDY PROJECT.  I know there are tons of others too.

You know, everyone can help.  The next time you are at a cheap picnic or potluck, instead of stacking together two of those plates to make them quasi-usable, only use one and put the other one in your pocket to mail to me later.  I can really cut down on the cost of the project if everyone in the world would send me at least one plate.

If you like the idea, let me know.  I would like to hear from you.  Also, if you happen to see plates on sale somewhere, PLEASE, PLEASE, send me an email or call me or something.  Don’t let me miss the deal.


One thought on “Plates for My Peeps

  1. Now this sounds like my old friend Scott. I notice you didn’t mention a plan to deliver the plates. Have you started working on this aspect of the plan? Keep me posted. I’ll keep my eyes open for good sales and send some plates to you. Now if only I had your address….


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