The Apathy Rap

Way back in 1987, in a VERY different life, I used to be heavily involved in the music industry.  From working behind the scenes, to promoting tours, to show management, and of course, writing, recording and performing.  During this time, I lived in the “Nashville” of Chicago-land, Bensenville, IL.  Numerous acts used Bensenville as their home base for recording and rehearsing. 

My production company, Big E Studios, was located within 2 miles of O-Hare airport.  The close proximity for artists to fly in and out for recording and rehearsing sessions, made our state-of-the-art production studio quite popular.  Literally, we had recording sessions occurring almost every single night.

Recently, a friend, or shall I now say, former friend, posted some pirated recordings made in our studio.  One of the clips, called “The Apathy Rap”, is posted on his blog.  This song was recording by a young group who at the time call themselves, S+P.  You know them today by a different name, but due to legal considerations, I cannot share with you’re their current names since I am releasing their song. 

I am debating whether or not I should post other unpublished pieces.  Let me know what you think.

To save you the trouble of clicking on the link to his blog, I am posting it below for you.  Listen for yourself and enjoy the ear candy!

Update Nov 2012 – Check our the Apathy Rap FB page: <a href=”; </span&gt;

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