Best News in a Long Time Seems Strange


The news that Osama Bin Laden is dead is very good news to me.  That said, it seems quite strange to say that.  I cannot remember ever wanting anyone dead before in my life.  But to be perfectly honest, I am glad he is dead.

I remember the surreal feeling I had on September 11, 2001 when the twin towers were hit.  I remember I was at work.  I went into the bottom floor of my office to watch the news with a  friend and some co-workers.  I remember tears coming to my eyes without even fully knowing the extent of what was happening.  I remember watching the twin towers crumble and the plume of smoke/dust chasing the runners-away as they tried to escape.

I remember President Bush standing on the rubble proclaiming that those responsible would be held to justice.  For a brief moment, I forgot that I did not care much for Bush as a president.

I remember seeing flags everywhere in the days, weeks and months from the attack.

I remember going back to NYC for the first time and NOT seeing the twin towers.  Every time I ever went to NYC as a child through an adult, the towers were always the first landmark I looked for.

At times, it is still hard to believe they are gone.  Worse yet, it is hard to believe the thousands of lives that went with them.

But, it really did happen.

I remember hearing Osama Bin Laden’s name for the first time.  

And now, I am glad he is dead.

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