Leading the Cheers!

When I was assigned to attend a week of training for my new position with CCLC, I wasn’t overly enthused.  I like training and I like learning and I need the learning, but I do NOT like sitting and listening day after day.  First of all, I never stop moving, working, or playing. Secondly, my self-diagnosed ADD generally does not allow me to focus for long periods of time.

As a new Field Leader for CCLC, I needed to attend the training at the Knowledge Universe National Support Center (NSC).  We attended training with our partners who work for KinderCare.  We held our training in downtown Portland while the Occupy Portland movement was trying to shut down a bridge.

Our training was held in a waterside hotel.  On Thursday, our agenda called for a visit to the NSC. We all took taxis at the same time from our hotel and caravaned over to the NSC building.  Upon our arrival, we were shocked to see the entire staff of the NSC standing at the entrance waving signs, clapping, cheering, and dancing to an in-house band playing music.  As we got out of our taxis, we were escorted one by one down the walk of celebration into the building and an awaiting elevator.

All of the Field Leaders in our cohort were so jacked up by this effort.  It was truly one of the most amazing and moving events in our lives.  Not only was a great show of SUPPORT from the staff of the National SUPPORT Center, but what made it so much more exciting, was the fact that the staff really seemed to enjoy being a part of it.  As I walked through the building, I confirmed that when I spoke with some of the partners.

Of course, you know I had to shoot some video.  Take a look.

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