Passover Seder

I had the great fortune to participate in my first ever Passover Seder last night with the family and friends of one of my Jewish co-workers.  It was a most lovely evening and very interesting participating in a deeply rooted cultural and relgiious observation.  We had three generations of a familiy present ranging from the late 20s (I pressume) to a beautiful lady who was over 80, how much I do not know, and also the host’s family dog, Suki.


We followed the Haggadah with each person present taking turns reading the text, some in Hebrew and most in English.  You can read more about the ceremony HERE.

The reading was amazing and even more special, was the conversation around the table about its meaning and to hear the stories from earlier days from everyone present.  Some of my favorite stories were from the eldest in the room, Ms. Celia.  She spoke of how easy preparing the Seder was today in contrast to when she was much younger.  I wish I had recorded the entire evening.

Not only was all of the observance most fascinating, but we ate like royalty. We enjoyed matza with egg salad, chopped liver, butter, and pickles.  We also enjoyed a delicious salad, amazing matza ball soup, delectable brisket, roast chicken, kvelta fish, and a variety of yummy veggies.  

As good as all the food was, I would have had an equally enjoyable time just being with these lovely people and being part of such a special evening.



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