Flower Power Photo Shower

We live right by a big field that has many wonderful plants showing their colors right now. Yana and I saw them and decided we would go make some pix.  Juju came as well, once she saw the fun.  The pix below are a mix of mine and Yana’s.  We both were able to get a couple of pretty cool photos.  Would love to hear your thoughts.

The shot of all the flowers in a jar shows the flowers that picked from that field today.


IMG_6954 IMG_6878 IMG_6875 IMG_6871 IMG_6853 IMG_6751 IMG_6737 IMG_6705 IMG_6700 IMG_7001

2 thoughts on “Flower Power Photo Shower

  1. I have to say I totally agree with Richard R. Barron’s comment. He is wise in the ways of many things!


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