Camping with My Boys – Day 1

After a long anticipated wait…

…we finally made the trek to North Georgia today for our Fall Break camp out.  We have planned this for months and have wanted to go camping for much longer than that. 

I am writing this post on the table at our campsite.  

Millions of stars are twinkling above me brightly.

If I stare at them long enough, I can see the galaxy. The right side of my body is being warmed by our camp fire. To my left is a forest of complete darkness. The only part I can see is the front edge which dimly glows with the reddish-orange reflection from our fire.

When we arrived today the boys excitedly got the campsite set up with the tents, gear and fire.  Harrisen took the lead on starting the fire while Stensen and I hunted for kindling.  He spent about a half hour huff and puffing into the fire to keep it going.  We only used one light and the the wood for fuel.  He did a great job getting the fire ready for dinner.   

When dinner time came, Stensen made his hobo first.  We brought prepared ingredients ready to go.  We had chicken, onions, peppers, mushrooms, green beans, garlic, salt, pepper and Lawry’s.  Stensen made a hobo about the size of a small football.  In fact, all of ours were big. 

I mixed up the cake mix in the Dutch over and put in the peaches and cinnamon.  We prepared a small bed of charcoals outside of the fire ring and placed the Dutch oven on those coals.  We placed coals on top of it as well to even out the heating process. 

I then made my hobo and placed it on the fire.  Then Harrisen made his.  We forgot to bring thongs, so we had to move everything around using one of our towels.  It worked. 

The food cooked PERFECTLY.

The hobos were delish and the peach cobbler was a wonderful campfire treat. 

After dinner we sat by the campfire and had amazing conversation.

Stensen talked about his future, college, and what careers he would be interested in.  Harrisen did the same.  The rest of the conversation was fun, relaxed and just amazing.  This time with them is some of my favorite ever.  They are such amazing young men.  So smart.  So considerate.  So talented.  I sometimes just don’t comprehend how they are what they are.  I feel so blessed to be there father. 

This is a great evening! 

The only thing that would make this better would be if the girls were here and we could have an complete family outing.  We all love camping so much. 

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