Camping with the Boys on the Nantahala River

We made another trek to the Nantahala River this weekend.  We camped on the river right by the Nantahala Outdoor Center @NOC.  My aunt and uncle (by marriage) Payson and Aurelia Kennedy were the founders of the center in 1973 (I believe).  You will see a photo below of a monument to them at the head of one of the pedestrian bridges that crosses the river.  

Our family has been going there since the 70s for reunions and loads of fun.

Harrisen, Stensen and I spent three days and it was a blast.  Good weather, interesting food and river runs!  What could be better?

Be sure to watch the videos all the way through for some great action from us and from some of our river “friends”.  The GoPro camera performed beautifully on the river!

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