A Tea Party with Daddy

Well today is a bit of a sad day in the Andersen house.  

Elias, Sara, Ellie Bean and their dog are hitting the road today.  Elias is driving them to Idaho so that they can stay with Sara’s mom while he is training and for his deployment to Afghanistan.  He will be deployed 400 days.

In the middle of packing and loading the trailer, we took some time to head to the woods for a little daddy-daughter tea party.  Sara home made some decorations to adorn the wooded nook.

And while I am sad they are leaving for a season, I am very proud of my son. Trust me, we can all sleep well know that he and the many other brave women and men in our military have our backs covered!

Below are but a few of the almost 700 pix I took.

One thought on “A Tea Party with Daddy

  1. OMG!!! What wonderful memories. This was a moment in time that will be frozen in ya’lls minds forever. Thank you for supporting our country and sacrificing time away from your beautiful family.


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