Brave Combo at the National Polka Fest

They just simply seem to get better with age.

Brave Combo is coming up on its 35 year anniversary this summer.  I have been following them for about 22 of those years.  I was able to be with them again last night at the National Polka Festival in Ennis, TX.  I arranged with BC mastermind Carl Finch to video tape the performance.  I used 4 GoPro cameras and my Nikon D5300 SLR.  I was challenging working it solo, but I was able to get much better footage than the Atlanta show.

I was so thrilled when Carl allowed me pretty much all access during the performance.  I was on stage, in the crowd and all over the joint!  I loved it when Danny unclamped the GoPro from his mic stand and put it on his horn in the middle of a song.

BC played some songs live for the first time (for me).  I am sure they have played them previously.

As always, it was a magical evening with them.

Enjoy the video and pix below.

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