The Florida KEYS to Snorkeling

Today was one of those special days that you know you and your children will remember forever!

After an absolutely miserable night of camping last night, we went on a snorkeling trip from Pennekamp State Park on Key Largo in FL.  The boat ride out to the Dry Rocks Coral Reef was about 20 minutes.  After a few last minutes instructions from the crew, we jump in and began our magical and mystical journey in the water.

The kids were blown away with the clarity of the water, the beauty of the reef, the closeness of the fish, the curiosity of the Christ of the Abyss found laying on the reef bottom and reaching up as if to say, “get me out of this water!”

The GoPro cam with the new blacked out case and my 3-way grip arm performed perfectly.

Video found below pix.

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