Our LAST Beach of Our #FLTrip2014

Sniff, sniff.

Well, here I sit in the hotel room on Hutchinson Island, FL.  The kiddos are in bed falling asleep arguing about the moving Curious George.  This is the last of 6 beaches we visited on our journey this summer.  I have to visit a center here in nearby St. Lucie in the morning, so my children will enjoy their last moments in the sand sans their dad.

We have had a phenomenal time!

On the ride here today we all names our favorite part of our trip.  Here is the list…

  • Stensen and Mariana said seeing the dolphins at Clearwater Beach.
  • Riri said she liked all the boat rides and hotels
  • Juju seeing the turtle while snorkeling 
  • Yana and I said snorkeling off of Key Largo.

In reality, the best part for me was just being with my children, watching them experience things for the first time, and having some wonderful conversation.  My children are truly amazing and I am truly blessed by them!

Below are some fun pix we took on the beach tonight in the middle of 30-40 mph winds.  Rare full frontal shots of Stensen, and who knows what Yana was doing! LOL!

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