#FloridaTrip2014 #2 – ORLANDO

The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando. The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando.

We have just completed our 2nd Florida trip of the summer. This time the whole time was in Orlando.  I had a week long conference at the Knowledge Universe CD Summit, called SPARK. (#KUSpark). We stayed at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, which was beautiful.

Robert Robert

While I was busy participating in the conference, the kids were swimming and doing all sorts of things with my best buddy, Robert Stinson, who came down on Tuesday morning. They even tried to go for an air boat ride and visit Cape Canaveral but got rained out, so they watched a movie.

We hit Universal Studios and had lots of fun even though we had sore feet. We rode The Hulk, Spiderman, the Bilges Barge, Harry Potter, The Dragon Challenge, Poseidon, Dr. Seuss stuff, and Dr. Doom.  I am not a Harry Potter fan, in fact, I actively dislike it, but that was the best ride I have ever been on.  It also made me sick for the rest of the evening.


On Wednesday night, my company hosted a carnival and an awesome fireworks show. We had 1,800 employees there.  My girls had a blast watching the show and dancing with some of my team.  It was so heart warming to see that!

The girls before we left the hotel... The girls before we left the hotel…

As soon as we left the hotel, we stopped to take helicopter tours.  We had to go on three separate rides to get everyone in. We flew over Universal Studios and it was great to see it from high up in the sky.  Gives it totally a new perspective.

On our way home, we stopped at Waffle House 527 and had the best and most fun breakfast ever.  They had a super fun staff and we had a blast joking with them and taking pix with them all over the place!

We also stopped at a “citrus center” on the way home for some goodies.

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