Westfest 2014 – Sunday

Day 2

Back for Day 2 of #Westfest2014 in West, TX.  After getting little sleep because I stayed up intil 4:30am looking at pix and video from Day 1, we checked out of our nice hotel and had a delish lunch at Chuy’s in Waco. After lunch, we traveled back to Westfest and our second day of Brave Combo. (Click HERE to see Day 1 post.)

We were in a different pavilion. I was excited because this is the first time I have been able to take pix in daylight like conditions.

Stensen and I had the pleasure of watching Elvis sing.  I am not an Elvis fan, but this guy (James L. Wages) was actually good.  He also had a very sweet moment with a woman in a wheelchair.  Video is below of that.

Below are some pix from Day 2.


One of the fun things about going to a Brave Combo show is seeing all the dancing. Folks of all ages enjoy dancing to their nuclear groove. Below I have put together some clips highlighting the dancing from Sunday.

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