A Surprise Holiday Reunion

My son Elias has been serving in the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan.

He came back about 2 weeks ago and was stationed at Fort Dix in NJ.  He did not tell his wife that he was back in the states. This withholding of info paid off yesterday when Elias was able to surprise his beautiful wife and daughter by showing up back home.

Spoke to Sara (his wife) afterward and she told me she had a feeling he was going to show up at her work that day. But as she ended her work for the day, she became disappointed and was thinking maybe he was not coming.

Then when she was off work and at home, the surprise came.

The first video is the GoPro video shot by my son Stensen.


This next video was shot on a cell phone by one of Sara’s friends. I had to embed it from Facebook since the original file was unusable.  I am working on putting the two videos together.

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