UT Trip Day 1 – Happy Birthday Twins

I have just started my 1 week trip to UT to be with Juju, Riri, Mariana, Yana, Harrisen, Elias, his wife Sara and their child Ellie Bean.

It just so happens that my first day there was also Juju and Riri’s birthday. They have turned 10 years old! I know parents say this all the time, but I cannot believe it! They are so big, so smart, so kind, so beautiful.

Below are 3 sets of photos.  The first set is from the twins birthday presents opening and birthda lunch at the Sushi house. Then there are pix from our ice skating trip to Provo 2002 Olympic venue. The last set is of Mariana at Sleep Ridge Country Club. We went there to wrap presents away from the twins and these shots were taken in their ballroom.

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