The ORIGINAL Brave Combo


Every so often in life you get to be a part of something magical.  Well last night was NOT one of those times in Denton, TX at Dan’s Silverleaf.  It was a night of AMAZING TALENT and CREATIVITY.

I had the wonderful pleasure of being with 2-time Grammy Award winning Brave Combo as they performed with their original line up from 35 years ago: Carl Finch, Tim Walsh, Lyle Atkinson, Lisa Cameron.

Carl warned me that it was not a typical BC show…and he was right. Even though it was from another universe, it was one of the best shows ever!

This was my first time to Denton and I fell in love with it. I loved the “scene” and I can see how Brave Combo could have been birthed there. I enjoyed taking some pix in the downtown area and have included some pix from last night in the gallery below. I have also added a compilation video below showing some clips from a few of the songs.  I am also working on a video of a song or two.

Below is uncut video from a song that had a bit of a surprise ending for me…

Love Carl’s tinklings on this one.

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