Adventure Florida 2015

Today began our annual summer trek through Florida. Yana, Mariana, Juju, Riri and I left McDonough around 7:40am and arrived in Orlando at about 2:15. This is the first part of our 10-day journey that will also include visits to Hutchinson Island, West Palm Beach, and Daytona Beach.

On the way day we had a near death experience when the car in front of us veer off to the left when the driver fell asleep.  The car hit the left guard rail, swerved back in front of us as it did a 360, then hit a guard rail on the right before it came to a stop. It was like it was in slow motion.  It is a miracle that we did not hit it and that the driver was not seriously injured.

When we arrived we enjoyed the pool and had a very relaxing evening.

Below are some pix and video from this first day.

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