Northeast Summer Trip Underway

Earlier this month, we ventured south to Florida for a 10 day trip through the amazing wonderland. Well, we are now one week into our second summer trek of the month. This time we have hit Gainesville, GA, Charlotte, NC, Leesburg, VA, and Washington, D.C. so far.

We started out our DC adventure by getting our first meal of the day at Ben’s Chili Bowl in downtown DC. The food was delish.
These are the half smoke dogs. Some of the best ever!


One of the owners came up a talked to us. He was 72 and a very nice man.  He was the first of several people so far on this trip who admonished the children to love their father. He is shown in the photo below.

I will have some video at some point in the future. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow we head for NYC.  This will be the first time my children will have been in NYC.

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