Today was the day I have been anticipating this entire trip. We journey to the One World Center, the site of the former twin towers and now a 9-11 Memorial.

We decided to the take the subway to the site from Times Square.  We took the Red #1 train down to the Chambers Street station.  Then we had to walk about 4 blocks to see One World.

While parts are still under construction, the location is breathtaking and sacred.  I fought back emotions several times while visiting with my children. It was hard not to remember that day almost 14 years ago.  I remember watching the coverage with my buddy Robert Stinson.

There was so much to photograph and lots to think about and  take in.  My children seem to connect with the water memorial.  It just seemed like we could have stared at it for hours.

We also decided to spend $172 and take the trip to the One World Observatory on the 102 floor. From the entrance, to the AMAZING elevator ride, to the opening moving and unveiling, it was remarkable.

The children were exciting to see the Statue of Liberty from the tower and enjoyed the entire panorama of NYC and beyond that it provided.

When we came out of the building, the entire grounds was packed with people.  It was awesome to see so much interest in this area.  It also made me feel good that we go there earlier in the morning.

Below are some of my favorite pix from the visit.  I am using only full-sized images.  At the end of this post there is a video highlighting portions of our journey today.

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