Christmas 2015 UT Trip

This is going to be another long post. It is covering my happenings during my Christmas trip to Utah.

The view of the mountains from the BYU campus. The view of the mountains from the BYU campus.

While I was in UT only the week before, my trip again for the Christmas holiday was absolutely fantastic. I was able to be there the 22nd – 26th.

We did a lot in that short time.

On the first day there, Yana and visited BYU and took a tour. She is considering attending there next year. It is currently her first choice for college.

It was a cold and rainy/snowy day when we visited. As is typical for college campuses, directions were not clear and we ended up parked on the wrong side of the campus and had to walk to the alumni center for our tour.  No worries though because Yana and I had a great time walking and talking and complaining about not knowing where we were going.

The tour itself was ok.  We only got to go into the library and no other buildings as the campus was closed.  Nonetheless, it does appear to be a nice campus and I know it is safe.


The next morning, we woke up to white out conditions, a full on blizzard for a spell. I took some pix then went to get the girls for a day of shopping and fun.

After eating breakfast, we went Christmas shopping. We stopped at Barnes and Noble and ended up getting books for everyone. While there, we ran into Sara, Ellie and Jude who were also shopping. Mariana and Juju had their ears pierced and all of us either had a mani or a pedi. I had a pedi and enjoyed seeing the lady use the power sander on my nasty, calloused feet. I could see chunks of skin flying in the air. GROSS.

The UVU Library The UVU Library The Hall of Flags on the UVU campus.  The Hall of Flags on the UVU campus.

After shopping, Yana and I toured the campus of Utah Valley University. I liked the campus and the fact that you can walk almost the entire campus underground. Yana wasn’t quite as impressed. After the tour, we went back home to have some dinner before the day’s long-awaited premiere event – the viewing of the new STAR WARS movie. All 7 of my children were there! Also Sara was there with Jude.  Ellie was staying with a friend. The movie was good but it did have some flaws.

Christmas Eve we did a little more shopping. Harrisen, Stensen and I went shopping. We then had Pho for dinner and went back home to have  a chill night playing games and watching TV.

When we arose on Christmas morning, we discovered that we had about 6 inches of new soft and fluffy snow on the ground. Since others were still sleeping, I got out with my cameras and took video and pix.

Harrisen made a most delicious turkey for us on Christmas. We also made taters, gravy, corn, and spinach.  It was all good.  You will see Riri riding her hoverboard inside the house. Due to massive amounts of snow, she could not ride outside.

The official Andersen 2015 Christmas photo The official Andersen 2015 Christmas photo

In the afternoon of Christmas day, Yana and Mariana had some fun with pix in the snow.  Here are some samples.

The best for last. After we had opened all presents on Christmas morning, Riri handed me the note show below. Juju says she has one too but she left it at school. I couldn’t even get through it all without tearing up.

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