Hot Springs on a COLD Morning


I arrived in Salt Lake last night and we decided to get up this morning and visit the hot springs near American Fork and Utah Lake. It was around 17 degrees but the water was warm and comforting surrounded by the mountainscapes and terrain.

This is one of my favorite authentic activities. It is part of nature. It has now cost. It is pleasing to the body. It is beautiful. And it is something for the whole family.

It is a bit of a muddy affair to get in and out of the water, but since it was so cold, most of the mud that was away from the immediate water was frozen. The water itself is a little muddy too, but when you feel the warm bubbles percolating under your feet, any muddy concerns evaporate.

Juju and Riri found another smaller spring (shown in photo above) and they also found some minnows or tadpoles swimming in it.

I love the shot of Harrisen wearing his OU robe!

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