Some Saturday Savannah Southern Charm


After completing Stensen’s scholarship weekend at Georgia Southern, we decided to make the short journey to Savannah since neither of us have been there.

When we arrived, a big cargo ship was coming around the river bend. It was fun seeing it come by and make its way under the big bridge. It was a visual perspective issue, but initially, it appeared that it was not going to fit.

As we walked through the city, we saw lots of really beautiful things, buildings, trees, people, monuments, carriages, restaurants, food, all of accentuated by the wonderful weather.

We enjoyed a lengthy conversation with a street artist.  He shared with us a new painting he just finished on Star Wars, of all things. Stensen enjoyed his work and bought one of his pieces.

We enjoyed walking the streets with Spanish Moss-lined trees casting eerie shadows on everything within reach. It was fun seeing the horse-led carriages, the people powered pods, and the sites on the sidewalks.

One of the day’s highlights was going into the Lutheran Ascension church. It was a pretty chapel. I was enjoying taking pix when I notice someone walk into the organist’s loft. And yes, she began playing the huge pipe organ!

Last, but certainly not least, was our visit to the chocolate shop. That can be found in another post.

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