A Trip to Del Valle

Day 2 of this weekend was just as awesome as Day 1. This time, I visited 2 lakes. In the morning, I drove to Del Valle, a beautiful park new Livermore with amazing hills and beautiful small lake. When I arrived there was a USA Swim Masters event going on. It was cool to watch, but would have been better to participate, which I would have done had I known.

001af-img The swimmers navigating the 2.5k course outlined with buoys.

After the races were over, we were able to rent kayaks and enjoy a paddle along the lake. It was nice, even though the wind had picked up. It made me have ideas of getting my own kayak so I can take it to any venue I want.  Would also like to make a day of it instead of having to watch the rental time.

The goofy video below gives a good sense of what the day was like.

On the way, we drove through some small vineyards. The pix below was my favorite from the lot.

One of the many small vineyards nearby Del Valle One of the many small vineyards nearby Del Valle

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