First Night Sky

 A wide shot of the night sky over Lake Utah. Hello Milky Way!

Due to my interest in night sky photography, I decided to get a used Nikon D90 and have it modified by a local shop, Spencer’s Cameras, to change it’s sensor to full spectrum. You can read more about the modification on their website.

I finally was able to take it out for a quick and dirty test tonight. I drove a few miles away to the the shores of Lake Utah. While there was still plenty of light pollution, I knew that location would at least give me a glimpse of what I can do with the camera.

The photos shown here are what I made tonight. I am still learning technique and my pix will get better over time. Also, when I am at a groovy location, it will be super groovy!

I like the below self portrait with the night sky and the Milky Way behind me.

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