A VR Experience


*** Updated 12-30

Stensen, Harrisen and I had our first VR experience today. The University Mall in Orem has a shop called VR Junkies that allows you to buy time slots of VR game play.

I walked in being very skeptical of what the experience would be like. While watching the other play before it was out turn, I was still skeptical. You could see their game on televisions in front of their play area.

Harrisen and Stensen watching some play before we had our turn. Harrisen and Stensen watching some play before we had our turn.


Harrisen went first and played a game called THE BROOKHAVEN EXPERIMENT. In this game zombies came toward him and his job was to shoot them dead before they killed him. He did well with the game and killed many.  When he was able to upgrade his weapon to a shotgun, his kill rate soared.

Stensen was next to go and he started by trying out the same game that Harrisen played. However, after about a minute of play, he asked to switch games because BROOKHAVEN was too intense. He chose to play Lightblade. In this game, you had a shield and a light saber and you had to defend against drones that shot things at you and tried to hit you. He did very well with the game.  See his video below.

I went last. I chose to play Lightblade and I am glad I did. As soon as I put on the goggles, I was no longer skeptical about VR. It was AMAZING. The images and graphics were sharp and I really felt like I was immersed in the arena. I did very well in the game and actually became tired, as the game is very active.

While I enjoyed it and will likely do it again, I think the VR experience can be improved if you can actually move around as opposed to standing in a small square of the gaming area.

I definitely recommend the experience and if you think you might have interest, then please give it a try and let me know what you think.

There is no video of my play, but the boys were making fun of how much I was moving. Stensen took the pix below.

I am updating this post on 12/30 with video from my girls’ first VR experience. We came to VR Junkies again today. Stensen came with us as well and he played a different game than the day before that he really liked. Enjoyed the girls’ videos. They enjoyed it as well.

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