A Journey to Fifth Water Hot Springs

Hot springs bathers enjoy the naturally heated pools as the cold spring snow melt rages by.

We made a second visit to the Fifth Water Hot Springs on a beautiful spring day. The hot springs are located near Spanish Fork Canyon just a bit east of Spanish Fork Peak off of Diamond Fork road (see map). The drive there is beautiful normally and on this day, it was especially pretty because the fields were so green and also because the charred trees from last summers fires contrasted nicely against the green. I share a couple of those scenes below the map.

One of the scenes on the drive to the hot springs.
Look at all of the rich and beautiful colors along the road to the springs.

Both times I have visited the springs the trailhead parking lot has been ridiculously crowded. It is not a big lot to begin with and the cars are crammed in like sardines just barely leaving room for cars to navigate in and out of the lot.

Just like most hikes, the destination is amazing, and so is the trail leading to the destination. Again, because of the time of year, the trail was stunning. The pics below are an attempt to show that.

The river that flows under the trail.
The springs are notorious for some bathers taking liberties on clothing decency. This note on a bridge over the river pleads for more.

The hike to the springs is about 2.25 miles from the trailhead. The path is relatively easy and the elevation change is not too bad. It is definitely and family friendly trail.

I love getting to the falls and the naturally heated pools. It is such a unique experience with nature. The pools are bound by a nice waterfalls on the east, a mountain on the north and trees and mountains on the south.

Some of the springs are so hot I could not even keep my feet in the water. It was definitely warmer than most hot tubs.

This is a nice overview of the scene
Yours truly posing or the money shot
These folks enjoy the solitude on the south side of the waterfall

Take a look at the goofy video below. While I am a goofball, it does give a good view of the waterfall.

The scene at the hot springs.

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