Reverse Kidnapped on Father’s Day

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and it happened to be Father’s Day. On a typical Sunday, my children come over around dinner time, we eat some food, hang for a bit and then they go home.

Mariana and Yana approach me on the front step with something devilish on their minds.

On this Father’s Day Sunday, they showed up much earlier than usual. When I went outside to greet them, my daughter Mariana came up to me and told me she was going to have to put a blindfold on me. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but seeing that they wanted to use my van and the fact that they were all there, I had feeling they were up to something.

Normally, I would not have like being blindfolded. But for some reason I had a peace about it. Although, being in a car while blindfolded was weird.

Mariana places the blindfold on me.

Once in the car, they let me know that they were driving me somewhere. They wouldn’t tell me where. They just said it wasn’t far. I tried to figure out by the turns and the speed where we might be going. That didn’t work. The only clue I got was when they were getting close and they were talking about where to turn.

When we arrived, they asked me to get out and Mariana escorted me for what seemed like a mile-long walk. I could hear cars and then a big party going on. It was obvious we were at a park. One of the parties was a gathering of Spanish speaking people. I could hear them talking and so I greeted them in Spanish.

You can see this walk in the video below.

When we arrived at the destination, they asked me to take off the blindfold. When I did, I was so disoriented and confused. I knew I was at a park in Provo Canyon, but I could not tell which one and I could not get my bearings.

As I looked down, I could see that my children had a blanket opened up with lots of food and drink on it. It turns out they had a lot of my favorite things to eat. I was very appreciative and honestly, I was quite humbled.

This was an amazing and meaningful gesture from my children. It was thoughtful, creative and fun.

We all started making delicious sandwiches and enjoying all the treats of this Father’s Day picnic. I made a huge sandwich and ate it with chips and fresh fruit. Food is one of our family’s love languages.

And I truly felt loved by them.

We even video called Stensen, my son who lives in GA, and enjoyed talking with him (see photo below). It just so happens that I had on my “I am your father” t-shirt from Star Wars. So it was very fitting that the card they gave me was a Darth Vader card that said, “It’s your destiny to have a good Father’s Day.”

Below are some of the cell phone pix from the occasion.

It was absolutely an afternoon that I will not forget. It was nice and relaxing to enjoy such a great time with them. My children are the best and they are so fun. I am proud to be their Dad.

Sharing a little drive home video just for the heck of it.

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