Kayaking Utah Lake

I love being on the water. I always have and probably always will.

For this reason I was so happy when I discovered that Lindon Marina on Utah Lake offered a special Thursday night rental for their watercraft. They offer any paddle craft for $10 after 5pm. That price was right!

Getting the 2-man provisioned

We decided to give it a try this week and we had lots of fun. We had plans to paddle out into the main lake and end up in the marshlands, however, the wind kept us sequestered in the cove that you see in the photo above.

We started out with individual kayaks and then switched to a double because I could not safely carry my gear on the single. That turned out to be lots of fun paddle together. My partner was a great paddler!

Below are some of the pix from the evening.

Lots of sailboats at the marina
One of the sailboats tries to navigate out of the cove.
Mount Timpanogos looked magnificent from the water
Here is Mount Timpanogos again from a wider view that also shows the marina house.
Check out the rainbow colors toward the bottom of the clouds
Kiddos enjoy playing on the beach on the cove

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