Fun and Beautiful Business in Idaho

I live and work out of home in the Salt Lake City area. I travel a lot to the states in my region (UT, CA, NV, AZ, NM, HI, NE, OK, KS, CO). My boss, who oversees the entire nation, lives in Boise, ID.

I have been to Idaho about 3 times ever. Two of those times were to fly into the airport and then drive to Oregon. The 3rd time was to go view the solar eclipse in Aug of 2017.

This past June, my boss had her team of direct reports and her own boss come to Boise for two days of leadership meetings and then we had a weekend up in her mountain camp near Cascade Lake.

Our 2 days of meetings in downtown Boise went very well. They were fun, productive and strategic. The funner side of the meetings was eating good food. The best food we had was at a downtown restaurant called Wylder. Every single bite of food we had there was amazing. I wish I had been more diligent about taking pix of everything. The appetizers were great and my pizza was off the chain good.

The meetings were Thursday and Friday until lunch. Then we all made the roughly 80 mile journey to Cascade. The trip was beautiful as evidence by the video below showing one part of it.

One of the amazing views we saw on the way to camp.

We had lots to do at and near the camp site. We spend a day boating, playing games, riding
4-wheelers and relaxing at the fire pit.

The pix below show some of the scenes we saw as we approached our destination. It was so beautiful…almost non-stop.


The Sat morning sunrise begins

One of the best parts of the trip was my Saturday morning sunrise venture to the lake to shoot the beginning of the day. I was blown away by how much nature I was able to observe in just one spot. The photos speak for themselves.

I had no idea that pelicans would be this far north and this far inland.
A gaggle swims in the early morning haze


Right before we left the camp for our journey home, we herd a sound coming from down the dirt road. As soon as we realized it the Basque shepherd bringing the sheep down the road, I scurried to get my gear. Of course I was recovering from hernia surgery so that scurry was in slow motion. By the time I had my gear, half of the herd was already by the camp. Nonetheless, I still like the few shots I got. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing for me.


As I went down to the road to take pix, the trail sheep dog stopped in his tracks. He looked at me for a moment and then kept his eye on the tail of the herd as it was going up the hill. He carefully watched me and the herd. When I was done taking pix and stepped back off the road, he caught back up to the herd to assume his herd-tail watching position.

It was fascinating to watch!

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