Finally Made it to Zion!

The view from the Canyon Overlook Trail

Every since I have been in Utah, I have wanted to make the trip to Zion National Park. It is located in southeastern Utah. It is about 200 miles from where I live.

Ann and I just decided that we would drive down for an overnight. We really didn’t plan anything. We were thinking we would find a place to camp, but we got in a bit late so we found a hotel that had their last room for $99 and we took it.

We only had part of a day to spend at the park, so we were not able to do too much, but we did totally enjoy the drive on Mt. Carmel Highway. It had a unique and dark tunnel through the mountain that led to some places to pull over and hike. We hit the Canyon overlook trail and then we went to another location where we went off trail.

Of course I got lots of pix, but knew that there was SO MUCH MORE to do and to shoot there. We are trying to get down there again before the seasons change to be too cold. We want to do the slot canyons. #FingersCrossed


Here’s a fun little video we made at the overlook on this trail.

One more video below. Those of you that know me know that I have a ridiculous fear of heights. It usually does not stop me from doing things, but it does totally FREAK ME OUT. When I got to the overlook, I shot this video.


Happy Selfie

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