Early Spring in Dry Canyon

I cast a long shadow looking toward Mt. Timpanogos

After work today I noticed it was still beautiful outside. Even thought it was chilly, I decided to go to Dry Canyon for a short hike and some outside time.

Instead if hiking straight into the canyon, I enjoyed the trails that circumvent the western side. That way I get great views of the canyon, its cliffs, Mount Timpanogos and also of Utah Valley and Lake Utah (see video below).

I was also able to get a couple nice pix. My favorite of the day is the one below. It reminded my of my friend and world famous photographer, Richard Barron. Check out his blog sometime.

The temperature up on the mountainside was about 40 degrees. It was comfortable until a strong wind came along, which was quite frequently. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable to feel and hear the breeze.

Dry Canyon leads tifht into the base of Mt. Timpanogos
A 360 degree view from the trail

Even though I was only out for a little bit today, it made my yearning grow to get out on some serious trails and to immerse myself in the outdoor experience.

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