The Cloud Maker

A part of my now new morning routine of going out at sunrise to take pix around my community, I came across the “Cloud Maker” today down by Utah Lake.

The Cloud Maker with the Wasatch Mountain Range and the rising sun as a backdrop

The name “Cloud Maker” was one created by my children. Years ago when I first visited Utah, they would refer to it. I finally asked them what they meant and they showed me the PacificCorp Lake Side Power Station in Vineyard.

The station was completed in 2007 and has a daily average production of 545 megawatts of electricity. Twenty-two of the 70-acre (28 ha) site on which the plant is built were part the site of the Geneva Steel steel mill and meets government pollution regulatory requirements with emission offset credits purchased from Geneva Steel.[3][4] The plant and its steam plume are usually visible from Interstate 15 between the Orem/Lindon and Pleasant Grove exits near the northeastern corner of Utah Lake.
The Cloud Maker spews into the sky

This morning as I was down by Utah Lake. I saw a nice scene with some shoreline and a mountain in the background. I worked it with several different versions. I settled on the one found below. I like the softness of the sky, mountain and clouds and then the harsher color of the shoreline growth.

This scene was my initial focus

If you turn about 180 degrees from where the photo above was taken, you would see something close to the first image I used in this post.

The Cloud Maker was in full effect and seemed to be working overtime this morning. There was no breeze and the steam was shooting rapidly straight up into the sky. The steam streams where narrow. On some days they come out and are puffy and big, hence the name Cloud Maker.

I took the photo below the other morning when I was up on Battle Creek trail. My elevation was close to 6,000 feet and it gave a nice view of the Cloud Maker. I had no idea at the time that I would be shooting it this morning. You see the difference from today’s pictures with no wind and what it looks like on a windy day.

The Cloud Maker from Battle Creek Trail

There are 2 videos below that I took on my cell phone. One from far, and the other right on the plant property. For some reason I decided to sing a song while recording

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