A Powerful, Wonderful Sunday

This was by far a typical Sunday.

One of my FAVORITE pix from the hike. Ann (left) and Barbara, her sister in the back.

Usually on Sundays I get up, do some uplifting reading or writing, listen to my favorite Sunday music and head off to church for a 9a service.

Today I got up and left the house around 7:30a to make my new daily venture to connect with nature as I was of self-care during the pandemic. I started driving without any idea of where I was going. After about 2 miles I was inspired to drive toward the Provo Temple.

Empty streets of Provo

As I headed that way, I could noticed that the streets in Provo were COMPLETE empty. So I did what any photographer would do – I started to take pictures. I drove around the perimeter of Provo for about 10 minutes, stopping at key locations to capture empty streets.

I wrote a post about it and you should check it out. I titled it “WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO FAME.” (See what I did there? Hint: U2)

After spending the time to photography the empty streets, I headed toward the temple, which is located right outside the entrance to Rock Canyon. As I was driving by the temple, I remembered that the trail head was nearby. Naturally, I went up to check it out.

I spend some time there checking out the scene and decided to do some writing there while surrounded by all the beauty. In fact, I wrote the Provo streets blog post while in my car there. I walked around for a bit a decided to head back home to see if I could convince Ann to go hike that canyon.

The good news is that she was in! Her sister Barbara also was going to come with us. None of us had ever walked into the canyon before. It didn’t take about a minute before we could tell this was going to be an amazing hike.

Walking into the canyon

The rock formations were incredible. There were some early signs of Spring. Most notably, however, there were rock climbers and people repelling all over the place.

One of the many formations shaping the canyon

At the beginning of the trail we tooks some fun pix. Ann and Barbara spotted a moss-covered rock nestled back into some thicket. That is the location of the first picture in this post. I climbed in and then was able to coax to come in as well. We both enjoyed photographing the rock and each other. Pix below.

Shortly after working the rock, we started to notice the rock climbers and repellers. One after the other popped up as we walked. It also started to snow toward the end. That is shown in the video.

Guy in blue is descending and the one in red is free climbing.
This guy was getting the line set up for others.
Repelling while snowing

Lots of fun things to see. We could barely cover any of the trail before we had to get back, as we were hosting an online churchy gathering at 3:30. Below are a few of the random things we saw on the descent.

Love the gnarly root and green coloring

I fell in love with this Canyon today! I cannot wait to go back and cover the entire trail. It has an elevation gain of 1,700 feet and is about 5 miles long. I can guarantee I will be back on the blog sharing stories and photos when I make it back.

I feel so blessed to have so many amazing things within minutes of my house. I love where I live!

Talk to the Social Distancing Hand

I mentioned that we had limited time in the canyon today. We thought we would try to do a virutal church online hookup today using Zoom. Surprisingly, it worked super well. Everyone could see and hear. All present either in person or virtually were able to contribute and the meeting was very spirit-filled.

Of course I had to document this momentus occasion. The photo below shows my daughter Yana as she is giving her message. On the tv in the background is my buddy of over 40 years, Robert Edison Stinson. He joined us from Oklahoma. Both he and Yana delivered tremendous messages. You can see and hear snippets of them in the videos.

The first gathering of our online church group
Yana’s message

This day was terrific. It was spiritual, productive, helpful, relaxing and invigorating. I feel the between the prayer and fasting, the communing with nature, and the online church, that we did good today. We were strengthened, uplifted and loved.

I will take that ANY day of the week!

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