South Fork in the Morning

Again, my morning commune with nature and the outdoors took me to a wonderful experience of nature, beauty and relaxation.

A tributary to Provo River makes its way down South Fork Canyon

As soon as I headed into the road that goes into South Fork, I knew I as in for a treat. The road begins in Vivian Park, which is on the banks of the Provo River. I stopped before driving up the mountain road and took a few pix. The next three were taken while standing in one spot in the park.

It was a chilly morning as shown in the photo of my car’s external thermometer. I was in shorts and a t-shirt and was chilled pretty quickly when out taking pix.

Stillness on a holding pond in Vivian Park
There are a few residences at the base of the road into South Fork. The sunrise splashed onto the trees above.
The tree on the mountainside in South Fork
A little video showing the scene at Vivian Park

When I made up the road, I went all the way into Big Springs Park. There were only 5 people there. They had just finished a snowy hike up the mountain and left shortly after my arrival. I had the entire beautiful scene to myself. I had been to the upper section of this park many times but today, I noticed something for the first time. It is shown in the two photos below.

A long tree wit the snowy peaks of Mt. Timpanogos in the background
A little tighter than the previous. I wish the base of the tree was a little cleaner for graphical reasons.

During my past visits, I never noticed how formidable Mt. Timpanogos was from this location. You see many, many photos that I take of Timp from the front side, or me looking east toward the mountain. This view is from me on east side of the mountain looking west.

When I looked the other direction from Timp photos above, I saw the image that is show below. It was shot at 300mm. I like it. Again, I do wish it was a little cleaner and only had the one tree in it.

When I head back down the mountain on my way back home, I got a different view than on the way up. Duh, obviously.

These new views also bore some photographic fruit. The first image in this post is from the trip down. The same is true for the last two photos in this post. The first is similar to one at the top of the post. The difference is that one was shot on my cell phone and the other with my Nikon. Can you tell them apart?

A photo similar to the first one in this post but shot with a different camera.

The last photo is again showing Mt. Timpanogos. It was taken at about the midway point back down the mountain. I would love it if the grade and trees in the foreground were green. Nonetheless, it is still a decent image.

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