Family Fly Fishing

The dad casting up river from his son

This morning I got up a little later than normal. It was already light outside. For the past several weeks and on almost every morning, I have gone out into the mountains or some type of outdoor venture as a way to escape from the change in routine due to the pandemic.

The falls

Since I was late this morning, I had no expectations of doing much. I only had one goal in mind and that was to get a picture a a cascading waterfall in Provo Canyon. I want a perspective from far away because I plan to hike to it sometime this Spring and photograph it up close. The far away perspective will enhance the photo story.

As I was driving out to the falls and coming up to them on the road, I realized that there was no shoulder on to which I could pull over and take a picture. So I drove a few more miles to wait to turn around.

I came up to Vivian Park and as I was turning into the lot, I noticed there were several people fishing in the river.

Distraction time!

Not dressed for the scene

Since I was not expecting to do much, I was only wearing shorts and flip flops. Even so, I decided to park and take a few quick pix of people fishing in the river.

As soon as I got out and shot some lazy pix from the bridge that crosses the river, I knew I had to do more. In fact, I went back and got a few more lenses and then started to really work the scene.

I noticed that east of the bridge there were 3 people fly fishing in the river spread about 100 yards apart. I approached the closest one and asked permission to take his picture. I had already taken some from the bridge, but since I was getting closer to him, I thought I would ask. He agreed.

I shot a lot of images of the first person as we were just chatting about fishing. I told him that I do not like fishing at all nor do I like eating fish, but for some reason, I like taking pix of people fishing. It’s a connection with the outdoors thing for me.

The best pix of this fisherman is the series of photos of him casting below that shows the water flying off his line as he casts.

I love this series of casting pix
Showing his 4 inch brown trout. He released it of course.

When I was finished with fisherman #1, I moved down the railroad tracks to the fisherman #2. He was up on the banks of the river working on his line which had become tangled. We talked quite a bit and in the course of our conversation, he let me know that the fisherman I shot first was his brother Brad. He also let me know that fisherman #3 was his father Kent. His name was Braden.

So it turns out that fly fishing is family fun for this family at least.

Braden had a terrifc outfit. He had insulated waders and a backpack that kept him equipped at all times. He was ready for some fishing!

Braden untangles his line

When I left Braden to walk down to his father, I had to go a good distance down the train tracks that paralleled the river.

The tracks heading down to shoot the dad

I thought I was going to have to bush wack to get to the riverbanks to photograph the dad, but fortunately, I found a trail.

Once I made my way through the trail to the banks and found a good perspective, I knew I was going to make some nice images. The lighting, colors and setting were magnificent. You can see this in the first photo of this post.

I enjoyed terrific conversation with Kent. He also worked in an education related field. We discussed work, fishing and his sons.

I tried something new while standing there in the middle of the river with Kent. I used my cell phone’s burst feature. The slideshow below is a burst of 44 pictures. Not sure it has much value but was fun to try.

I also shot some slow motion video on my cell phone. You can see it below. I also took some other pix and video while in the river.

Casting in slow mo
Excited to be in the middle of the river
Look east

I shot some video on my way back from the river and also took a few pix. I was so excited with the vents of the morning and was anxious to get back and share them here.

The trail from the banks to the tracks
The tracks alongside the river on the way back
Saw this and has to snap as I was walking back to Vivian Park
The sign says it all

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