Your Direction is Most Important

My first time on this trail
The trail head

While out hiking a new trail early this morning, I was thinking about how excited I was to be trying out this new trail. I had come to this location (Dry Canyon) many times but I have never left the trail head in this direction.

While I was walking through a Wildlife Management Area, I noticed this beautiful black birds flying around, foraging and flying some more. They were very protective, and unlike other some other birds, they did not like me getting close.

I tried to get pictures at first but failed. However, on the way back to the trail head, I was fortunate enough to get a few pix that show their beauty. The photos are below. The middle photo is blurry, but I am showing it here because if gives another look at the markings on the birds.

The bird on the trail ahead. If I got too close, the bird bolted.
Blurry but show markings
I love this one

As I was hiking and was presented with several path options, a thought came to mind. It is one that I heard Sunday while listening to a church message online.

Your direction is more important than your location.

– Michael Turner

I have been thinking about that phrase quite a bit since I heard it. It is so true. I stopped in the middle of some Brush Oak and typed this message on my cell phone. I then recorded it on video. The text of the message is below the video.

I’m standing out here on a trail on the side of a mountain here in Utah. I’m surrounded by Brush Oak and I am seeing the sides of the mountain that are turning green as we are in spring.

I’m on a new trail today and I’m in the spot where I’ve never been before and this phrase came to mind your direction is more important than your location. Again let me say that one more time your direction is more important than your location.

So in our lives we can sometimes find ourselves in situations where maybe we don’t know what to do or where to go or how to go or how to do it. And maybe we have had some problems in our past and have  made some big mistakes. but you know our past does not define us.

You are where we are right where you are standing today. And it’s not so much a matter of where we’re standing, it’s a matter of where we’re going. Our location good, bad, ugly or indifferent is not as important as the very next step we take. 

I am here on a trail and I have several directions to choose and for my enjoyment and for my safety I get to make a decision which way I’m going. The same is true in no matter what circumstance you find yourself in you may be in the lowest of lows but that location of being low is nowhere near as important as the direction that you set for yourself and the very next step you take.

Let me encourage you to take a good step to take a thoughtful step to not focus on where you are but to focus on where you want to go and the things that you will need to do and the steps you’ll need to take in order to get there and every single step of the way you get to make that decision over and over and over again.

If you start making good steps and then you slip well guess what stand up right where you are and start taking good steps again. And that is a process that you will repeat and repeat and repeat.    

Again let me encourage you do not focus on where you, are don’t ignore where you are but don’t focus and don’t let it bring you down. Focus on your next step and where you want to go.

May this find you in good health and good spirits. May you be encouraged this beautiful day.

Today I chose wisely and the trail I took was a good direction for me this morning. Not only did I received some inspiration, I also was able to capture a few nice images. The remainder of my faves are posted below.

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