A Hiking Cornucopia

My hiking this season so far is on fire. For instance this morning, I encountered so many interesting things, that I am going to organize this post by catergories.

The winding trail below

The categories are:

My path today
  • The Trail
  • Mountainscapes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • The Chair
  • The Tent
  • Cowboys and Horses
  • Poop

The hike started at the Dry Canyon trailhead in Lindon, UT. However, I did not head into the canyon, I headed north and perpendicular to the the canyon path that goes east. This is my 3rd hike starting at that trailhead. The first went south, then yesterday I went right into the canyon and then today I went north and then east.

Because I went quite a bit off trail, my hike path looks quite odd as shown in the screenshot from my phone. The AllTrails app shows that that elevation gain was over 1200 feet. It felt like a little more, but the topo maps confirm the app.


I was initially thinking today would be a moderate hike. I would stay on the trail and not try to climb too much. The plan was for more distance than climbing rigor.

The trail I was intended to hike today, hugged the sides of the mountains

The hike would continually provide a nice view of Utah Valley and Utah Lake. While I was hiking, I was feeling good and kept getting distracted by trail shoot offs that went up. I also saw this huge wall-like structure that also required a climb.

What I thought could have been a man-made wall from a distance was just chunks of rock
The wall area seen from my house

So after about a mile into the hike, I decided to take a turn to the east, which meant I would be climbing. Lots of climbing. Fortunately, there were paths that led to the rock wall. However, the last 100 yards or so was quite steep and required careful footing and a few rests.

I figured out that this wall is something that I have noticed from afar from my house. I can see this spot by going out my front door. In the evenings, it sometimes reflects the sunlight and looks like it is lit up.

Happy to have made it to the wall

While it was tricky getting to the wall, after making it there, I was presented with a more difficult challenge – where to go. If I went back down, the descent back to the trail would be treacherous and slippery. I decided to go sideways and a bit up. I saw a small trail up ahead and I was going to inch my way up to connect to it.

I made it to the new section of trail and was then sold on continuing to climb. My goal would be to get to the base of Big Baldy.

One of the nice things about today’s hike was some of the views along the trail. I saw a few flowers. It is not quite time for all the amazing flowers that will hit in May and June. I also saw a few cairns.

Brush oak made some nice colors along the trail

Of course, these were not the only nice views along the trail. As I indicated in the beginning of the post, I am sectioning them out. On to the next section: Mountainscapes.


This one is a natural. As I am hiking in the mountains, one might expect there to be some nice mountain views. Today did not disappoint. Allow me to point out that the beginning of the hike was cloudy and rainy. By the time I finished over 4 hours later, it was a beautiful Spring day with blue sky and white puffy clouds.

I attempt to show the transformation from rainy day to Spring day in the 7 pix below.

This was the first mountainscape of the morning
For a short while, it got dark and rainy. This was shot look across the lake to another range.
Transitioning from rain clouds to sunny skies
Same location as above, I just like the tightness and LOVE the color of the sky
I like this one because of the contrails. Have not seen many recently.
This was taken on the ascent before the transition was complete.
On the descent looking back up toward Big Baldy on the left. Full on weather change.

Before going on to the next section, here is a video that highlights portions of my hike.


The next series of pix shows the only 2 bikers I came across on my hike. This is not surprising because after the first mile, I was off the usual paths for bikers. It would have taken a hard-core cyclist to be up where I hiked today.

Seeing them today sparked my ever growing desire to get a mountain bike. This area, and most of Utah has amazing trails.

They caught me before I had completed my first mile


The first park of my hike was on familiar territory as I have done short hikes with family and friends. I began my hike going on a section of trail that almost instantly gives you a great view of the valley. Shortly after getting on that trail, I saw something ahead of me on top of a hill that has a great plateau to enjoy the view.

From afar I had no idea what is was. As I got closer, I realized someone had left a cool chair there for others to enjoy. What a great place to rest, take a break and watch a sunset!

The chair has a terrific view

When you get up to the chair, you see it has an artistic bench design and that visitors have begin writing on the chair. On one of the side rails, someone writes and claims to be maker of the chair.

A nice place


Not too far from the chair is the tent.

Apparently someone thought is a great idea to camp out on this section of relatively flat land looking out into the valley. When I came by about 7:30a, they were not yet awake. I love this spot and am going to camp there sometime this week.

What a great spot to spend the night!


As I was about a quarter mile from the end of the hike, I saw this group of horses and riders down below. There were 4 riders and 5 horses. They had a young horse that was on its first training hike.

I took a picture from afar and one of them waved at me. Then they called me closer and asked if I would take their picture. They are family and never get pix of all of them on rides. Naturally, I agreed happily. They gave me their email and I have sent them a link to the pix.

The family that rides together…has fun apparently.
I believe this was the dad


This may seem like a strange topic to talk about on a hike. Well, it probably is.

I noticed once I was above 6,000 feet today that I came across a lot of Elk poop. And I mean a lot. Sometimes every step I was taking was an attempt to avoid stepping in it.

I am certain that the three photos below show elk, horse and deer poop. I also came across one other type today that I did not photograph. It looked like the 4th photo below and I believe it to be from a mountain lion. It is my understanding that these mountains to have them. I would love to see one…from a distance that is.

As you can see, I had quite a hike. I saw so many cool things. I ventured into new territory. I climbed and climbed. I got tired. I got all scratched up going through the Oak brush. I saw the weather transform and I got some terrific exercise.

It was a good day. So looking forward to my next outing.

A few more pix before I go.

Taken almost at the end of the hike
This literally was taken at the end, standing next to my car

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