Mountain Bikers for Shore(line)

This is my favorite of the day. Check out the cliffs to the left!

Due to work obligations this morning, I was unable to go for my morning hike. I worked out at home instead. However, this evening, I went for another hike on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Provo.

This time I went much deeper into the trail. By so doing, I found one of its greatest treasures – lots of mountain biking trails and lots of mountain bikers riding.

They hopped off the main trail

I have already been craving mountain biking, but I no longer have the bike. I am not sure I want to drop some serious coin on getting one, but I can tell you, I am SUPER tempted!

If you look on the map of my hike, you will see lots of small blue dotted trails to the right of my route. They are all the mountain biking trails coming up from Canyon View Park at the bottom right of the map.

I saw this young lady several times. She made at least 3 loops of climbing up and down
One of the bigger climbs on the trail I hiked. Several people were struggling.

The higher hiking trail gave me some fun views of the biking trails below. A few of those are captured in the following images.

One of the mountain biking trails below
Serpentine trail

My legs were strong today. I could have doubled my distance. I wanted to keep going deeper into the canyon, but without coordinating a pick up with anyone and potential losing cell phone service if I did, I decided to do that another day.

I saw other interesting site while on the journey.

This is the closest photo yet of Mt. Timpanogos for me.
The entrance to Provo Canyon from the inside
Tree with a view

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