Beauty for our Mothers

Our mothers are beautiful people on the inside and outside.

I thought I would find some beautiful pix this morning, focusing on flowers, as a representation of their beauty and our love for them. I think it is a lovely way to honor our moms.

More specifically, it is a great way to honor my own mother, Irene Smith. She is not only a beautiful flower, but she is an angel walking on earth. She raised two rambunctious boys on her own while working full-time as a nurse. She was a nurse for 52 years!

She is now 80 years old and managing to survive during the coronavirus pandemic. She’s tough!

Last June, I met an artist who was painting on the side of a bike trail. A few weeks later I saw one of her paintings of poppies in a field. I asked her at the time where she was. She let me know she was at Lambert Park in Alpine. I decided to drive there to see if the poppies were out already. I was suspecting it was too early and I was right.

However, I did find a plethora of sunflower-like flowers. They were all over the place.

There were patches like this all over

I hiked a total of 3 miles through the trails at the park and just kept taking more and more pix of these flowers and a few others.

This was on the Lambert Luge trail – more like a desert

I followed the GPS coordinates that the artist gave me so I could go to the exact spot where she was painting. When I arrived, no signs of poppies yet. But there was an incredible view of the mountain range.

In about 3 weeks, this will be enhanced by poppies

There were a few other flowers on the trail other than the yellow ones. Below are a couple of my faves.

I love this one. The color and the shape.
As I left the park I saw this. Somehow I missed it on the way in.

To my mom and all the moms out there. I hope you enjoyed the beauty in this post like I get to enjoy the beauty of motherhood all around me.

Know that you are loved!!

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