Proud of the Plethora of Popping Poppies

OK, enough with the alliteration and let’s get on with the stars of the show…the poppies in my backyard!

A beautifully rich colored poppy in my backyard

The pods started popping about 2 says ago. I have been so busy with work, that I really haven’t even had time to look at them until this morning. I started counting the pods and there are well over 100. It would be marvelous if they all popped at the same time.

I think they look so nice in the morning light below.

One of the 3 patches I have in the yard

I will probably have 2 more post on poppies this year. One more from my yard once there are more in full bloom and another post from a field of poppies in Alpine, UT. Reference this post.

I love using the macro lens. Today I actually used the tripod on the first image of the post. I used photo stacking to increase the sharpness. I am quite pleased with the results.

For some reason I really enjoy this shot of the drooping poppy. Perhaps it is depressed.

Stay tuned. More on the way!

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