Macro on the Trail

As I got out of my car at the trail head for this morning’s hike, I decided to make it a macro-only day. After gearing up and getting my pack on, I headed out on the trail.

Getting up close with a trail flower

It’s fun taking the hike with the plan to think only in macro terms. To be honest, I really had two goals. First, to have a fast pace on the hike because I had a tight morning schedule. The second was to only take pix with my 85mm f.3.5 macro lens.

The truth is that while I wanted to go quickly, I was frequently slowed down by all the fun things to shoot on the trail.

I should have worked this one with a tripod and stacked images
I think this one looks like a bunny or some type of face

Yes, even the photo of the tree below was taken with that lens. When I saw the lens, I immediately thought of my friends, and world famous photographer, Richard Barron. These type of trees always make me think of him.

These little guys were all over the trail. They are actually hard to shoot.

I am definitely going to do this again soon. However, when I do, I am going to bring the tripod. I like the shots best when I have a steady camera and I can also stack to gain that depth of focus.

Enjoy the last couple pix. Stay tuned for more macro fun!

I would love to know what this is called
I think the coloring on the petals is unique
It’s your lucky day! Bonus video!!

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