Alpine Poppies

On Mother’s Day weekend, I visited a beautiful park in Alpine, UT. It is called Lambert Park. It has a series of trails and is over 250 acres in a most beautiful area. The park has mountains to both the north and the east.

I went to that park to find a wild patch of poppies. I found lots of yellow flowers and other scenery, but I did not find the poppies.

A stacked image of a poppy on the decline

However, I knew today was different. I received a tip from an artist friend via Instagram that the poppies had arrived at Lambert Park. When I arrived near the location of the flowers in the park, I could see little spots for bright orange from the distance and I could see that there were a few people who had beat me there this early in the morning.

Such a beautiful setting for these gorgeous flowers

When I walked up to the scene, I was so glad that I came and I knew there would be some nice images made. That turned out to be true.

This young boy was enjoying playing in the flowers. His mom was feverishly snapping pix.
The poppies were located around the remains of a home of the Lambert Family.

You can read about the park and it’s history here. The remnants above are from a 2-story house built in 1910 by George Cannon Lambert. It was on a ranch that produced alfalfa, grains and fruits and nuts.

I was on location for about an hour. However, I was shooting for only about 15 minutes of that. There was a steady stream of visitors that included one large family group that stayed a while and consumed the key areas of the flower patch.

This large family lingered for a while taking pix.
This is the west side of the grove and flower patch.
People hiked in, cycled in and drove up to spend time with the poppies.
I worked hard to get a clean shot like this.
Looking east
Looking west. Utah Lake can be seen in the upper left corner.

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