Primrose Overlook

Sometimes being in the wrong place works out fine. My hike today was an example of that.

I spoke with my son yesterday and he was telling me about a hike he went on out of Timpooneke Campground in American Fork Canyon. He wasn’t sure what trails he was on, but he said he found a great waterfall on the trail.

Visitors to Primrose Overlook enjoy their view

At that moment I decided that I would make that my journey this morning.

I left my house at about 6:30a today and drove into Provo Canyon to head up on to the Alpine Loop, which has just opened for the summer. It is a beautiful drive that goes past Sundance Ski Resort and lots and lots of wonderful landscapes.

The Alpine Loop is a 20-mile winding road through the Wasatch range. It connects American Fork Canyon with Provo Canyon. It is stunningly beautiful.

While making my way up the loop, I came across several lovely scenes. The camping scene below was one. There were also miles and miles of Aspen forest with wildlife abounding.

A wonderful place to camp – surrounded by Aspens and the view of the snow-capped mountains
Oh deer…
Landscapes like this were on both sides of the road for miles

When I reached the midway point of the Loop and started down the other side, I came to the Summit trail heads. I pulled in and parked.

The problem was that I did not do my map research and I ended up at a different area that head several trail heads. I had not idea where any of these trails would lead. I have the app that shows me all the trails, bit I purposely did not use it…at least not at this point.

I like adventure.

My son told me the middle trail of three trails (at the other location) was the one that led to the falls. Turns out that the location I parked at also had 3 trails leading out. While I knew this was not the trail he was referring to, I still decided to head out on the middle trail. For some reason I was drawn to this hike by some mysterious force.

The video below gives you a sense of the beginning of the hike.

One of the views on the ascent trail

It did not take long to fall in love with this choice of trail. I was immediately in a forest of Aspens that had all varieties of wildflowers. The trail also had several clearing with big beautiful, green open space. I took the photo above at one of those open spaces.

Another clearing on the trail
The trail curves through the clearing
A small group of wildflowers have found a nice location
I like the color of this decaying blossom. It makes me think of crepe paper.
One of many downed Aspens on the trail

After watching and carefully studying the Aspens that were growing on the steep side of the mountain, I noticed something about most of them. Because they started growing the side of a slope, they come out of the ground facing the downward side of the slope. Then they turn up. After they turn up, they actually grow back a bit.

I think one of the reasons this happens is because if the shoot out straight from the slope, eventually their weight will make them fall. So they correct upward a bit. But then even that correction could leave them tilting and at danger of losing balance. So they then correct back the other way a bit and then the head straight up after finding their balance.

I try to show this in the photo below and in the subsequent video.

The trail had very easy sections and it had a few sections of climbs that made me a bit tired. Part of the tired was from the fact that my feet and legs were tired from yesterday’s 12.2 mile hike in Provo Canyon. The other part was from a few steep sections of the trail. I knew I was getting close to the summit, but the scene below (also shown as first photo in this post) took y breath away and reinvigorated my step.

I couldn’t wait to get there to see the view.

After about a half mile section of the trail that has moments of moderately hard climb, I spotted this scene through the trees – Primrose Overlook!

When I arrive 3 minutes later at the overlook, I was not disappointed. In fact, I was elated. The views too my breath away.

The side of the overlook, looking south toward Sundance.
Looking east
Mount Timpanogos to the west
Looking north
Wildflowers on the scene were amazing
Love the variation of color
The trail that leads to the overlook
This shows a series of many cascading waterfalls coming off of Timpanogos
A closeup of the waterfalls
Yep, that’s Mt. Timpanogos behind me.

I spent about a half hour on the overlook. Honestly, I was so overjoyed with the view and the fact that I randomly stumbled on to this trail. I was also so happy to be at my closest proximity to the summit of Mt. Timpanogos. It made me feel so much more confident about making that hike this summer.

I like the color of the tree and branches I saw on the way back down.

The trip back down was pretty easy. I was still buzzing from my visit to the overlook. I took a different trail back down. After about 15 minutes, I came across a watering trough in a grove of trees. If I was out of water, I would have drank some myself. It looked good!

One of the cool findings on the way down was this horse watering
trough that is fed by a natural spring.
A beautiful spot to water your horse!

When I got back to the trail head, I saw this cool looking van thing. I think it was being used as a camper. It’s license plate called itself the FIREBUS.

This hike was off the chart. I look forward to bringing others with me to see the Primrose Overlook. I am going to add a few more things to this post as well. After leaving the trail head, I drove to the Timpooneke Campsite and took a few pix and video along the way.

Beautiful mountains
A bridge at the campsite

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