Timpooneke Delight

If you are a regular on my blog, you know that I photograph Mt. Timpanogos all the time. One of the reasons I do that is because I intend to hike it. I also do it because it is the tallest mountain in the area.

One of the many incredible view on the trail is this one of the meadow below Scout Falls

One of trails that leads to the summit of Timp is the Timpooneke (tim-poo-new-key) Trail. This morning, after the rain stopped, I drove up into American Fork Canyon and went to the trail. My intention was to hike about 1.4 miles in on the trail, count it as a bit of practice for the 14.2 mile hike to the summit and back.

One of the other intention was to see Scout Falls. My son, Harrisen, told me about it and said I would probably like to take pix. Oh, he was right about that!

Scout Falls from a distant part of the trail

Because it had rained pretty hard this morning, I was concerned that the trail was going to be a mess. The truth is that there were a few minor areas of puddles, but overall the trail was fine and quite enjoyable.

One of the few areas on the trail that had puddles from the rain

The terrain of this trail is definitely different from the trails I usually hike. Sections of this trail reminded me of the Forest of Endor in Star Wars. Other sections were rocky and jagged, while others were covered in wildflowers.

After I had gone about one half mile on the trail, I could see this most beautiful plush meadow down below. There was a stream running through it and to the south was a distant view of a waterfall. It was so beautiful from all angles.

A the view from the North side of the meadow. The falls is off in the distance.
Getting closer to the falls

As I stepped closer and closer to the falls, I could here the most lovely sounds of the water cascading down hundreds of feet into the meadow. I could also get better and better views of the falls, which caused my anticipation to ramp up. I had no idea what they looked like and when I arrived they were much bigger than I had anticipated.

The falls

Since it was my first time to the falls and because I was so excited, I bolted off the trail at the first chance I had and climbed onto the skirt of rocks and cascading water to take some pix. It was so fun.

But I wanted to get to the top.

So I climbed up the rocks through the water to get there. The funny thing is that I discovered a much easier way to get there once on the top. But hey, anyone can get there without getting soaked. How boring is that?

Someone was nice enough to take a picture for me

Now that I was on “top of the world”, well at least at the base of the falls, I looked back toward the meadow.

Oh my goodness, I was incredible!

The view of the meadow from the falls. The water goes all the way through the meadow.
A tighter view that shows the water winding through.

I was a bit limited in my photography today because I only had my cell phone. I left my camera at home by mistake. I thought I had it with me, but once I arrived I remembered I left it in my office.

After soaking in the falls, yes all meanings intended, I saw a potential alternative pathway that did not include climbing back down the rocks of the falls. It did involve a short test of my fear of heights. I walked along the edge of a cliff and found this old gnarly tree that by climbing down about 4 feet of it, you were right back on the trail.

Again, I had only intended to visit the falls and then head back home. However, when I was placed right back on to the trail, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided go about another 1.5 miles up the trail. If I did that, not only would I get to see more, but I would have completed about one third of the climb to the summit of Timpanogos.

I am so glad I made that choice! I saw so many cool scenes.

Foggy trees and mountain tops on one of the plateaus on the trail.
The cliffs above the plateau
The view looking north from the plateau
Wildflowers all over

After I reached the 2.6 mile mark, I decided to head back down. That was more than one third of the ascent and it was also getting a bit dark from rain clouds. The forecast indicated that rain was to start about this time. I happened to make it back down before it started.

I made great time going back down. I was energized and happy from the event of the hike. I cannot wait to do it again and to bring others. My confidence is growing in my ability to make the entire ascent and descent in the same day.

If you have not been on this trail, let me recommend it to you. It is truly phenomenal.

Last but not least, I shot video along the way. The video below is a compilation of those videos. Enjoy !

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