Finally Entering Johnson’s Hole

***Updated same day in the evening after having done the same hike again at sunset with my son Stensen.

At the end of May, I made I went for a 12 mile hike into Provo Canyon. At about mile 4.5, I came into an area I had never seen – Johnson’s Hole. Some also call it Johnson’s Bowl. In the early morning light, it was amazing. I wrote about it HERE.

I decided to chill out in the middle of the bowl

I drove into the canyon and parked at Canyon Glen. There is a trail right across from the Middle Canyon Bridge that starts the about 350 foot climb up to the entrance of the hole. It is a short and mostly easy climb, one that most people can handle.

The pay off is worth it!

I was the only one here. It was fantastic. I had the hole place to myself!

I walked into the middle of bowl and decided to just sit down, be still, listen and relax. Of course I also had to take pictures and video. I just can help myself!

It was super cool just sitting there alone. Peaceful and relaxing.

While sitting there I also decided to record a video of some thoughts I had comparing watching fireworks to what we have going on in the country right now. You can find that HERE.

I like when I have the peace of mind to listen to myself and to think in bigger and creative ways. Being outdoors always helps that. Being in wide open spaces of beauty totally enhances that!

The view looking south
The view looking northeast
The sun peeking up from the canyon
The view as I climbed out of the bowl on the north side

I assumed that the trail would make a loop and circle back with the trail that goes along the edge of the mountains into Provo Canyon. That turned out to be correct. I also discovered after the hike, that the path going back down to the south and east, shown below, is actually part of the Great Western Trail. I should have known because that section was rocky. The other sections of the trail I have been on have also been rocky.

The map of today’s hike showing the approximately 2.6 mile loop

I hike in Provo Canyon frequently. I get to see the entrance to the canyon every time I do. However, the view shown below from the descent portion of the hike is one of the best views I have seen.

One of the best views of the Provo Canyon entrance I have seen
A tighter view of the entrance – Utah Lake in the background

I totally love the hike! I rate is as moderately easy. It has a good blend of climbing, wide open space, great views, covered trail and lots of flowers and birds. I found a good spot where I am going to come back this week and do an overnight campout.

I think this route will be part of my early morning repertoire because of the distance and the beautiful morning light. Let me know if you would like to join me one morning!

Below are some of the pictures I took on the sunset hike with my son. I tried to take similar ones to the morning hike for comparison and contrasting purposes.

The view looking east at sunset
The northeast view at sunset
The view of the Provo Canyon entrance
Stensen at the entrance to Johnson’s Hole
A young buck carefully crossing the bowl

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