Early Light on Cascade Saddle Trail

One of the many little streams along the trail

Today’s early morning hike was quite interesting. There are 4 main themes to the hike: morning light, streams, wildflower and coincidence.

First, let me say this mornings was about 53 degrees at the start of the hike in South Fork. The trail I chose was the Cascade Saddle trail. It was so refreshing after yesterday hit about 97 degrees. That 40 degree difference was PHENOMENAL!

Back to the themes of today’s hike. First up are the many scenes created by trickling streams along the trail.

A tree fell right in the middle of this stream
I love how the wildflowers attacked this stream

The second theme of the morning was the morning light peeking over the mountains. I don’t think I did a terrific job capturing it. Sometimes, as strange as it may sound, it hard to capture what you see with the naked eye.

Shadow and morning light mingle
This was taken early in the hike. The rising sun is over the mountain to the right

The third theme of the morning were the wildflowers. That should come as no surprise to readers of this blog. I found some fun stuff to shoot. What can I say?

A BIG make-a-wish “flower”
I love catching insects interacting in and with nature.
I have shot this one several times this year. I like this one best.
Composition, flare, design – intruguing

The final theme of the day is COINCIDENCE.

As I was making my way up the trail, I saw three people riding horses come down the trail. As soon as they see me, they call out and ask if I would be willing to take a picture of them. As soon as they were close enough, I immediately recognized the man on the left. Shortly thereafter, I recognized the man on the right. They are father and son and I photographer them with other family members back in April near Dry Canyon. Check out that post for more pix.

I told the father and son that I recognized them and then they also remembered that I took pix and emailed them to their family back in April.

What are the chances? There are hundreds and hundreds of trails within 30 minutes of my house. It was Sunday morning after 8am, which in Utah, you barely see anyone. And I run into the same people riding their horses. Go figure.

On a totally different trail I ran into the same dad, son and I got to meet his daughter.
Here is the same dad (2nd from left) and the same son (on the right) from April

Another wonderful hike.

Ann and I have been scouting locations for some camping. This trail is a good one because there are several rustic spots early in the trail that leave you close enough to restrooms.

I am looking forward both to camping on this trail as well as completing the hike to the Cascade Saddle.

So much to do…

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