A Patriotic Surprise

I hit the trail early this morning. I was excited to be out for a good long hike on a wonderfully cool and breezy Sunday. I got out before the sunrise and this is my favorite time to head into Provo Canyon.

I was going to my tried and true Bonneville Shoreline trailhead. It is a great and moderately easy trail that goes for miles. I had intentions today of doing some off trail exploring.

The flag blowing in the brisk canyon morning wind

The trail starts with a 1 mile climb. However, before the end of the first mile, I took a bit of a detour and followed a path down toward the cliffs at the entrance of the canyon. It was a steep descent down. I was interested in going this way because Ann and I had discussed earlier in the week whether or not there was a path to edge of the cliffs. From the path I was on, it certainly looked like there was.

After descending about 200 yards, I was starting to get a little anxious because my fear of heights was kicking in as I approached the cliffs.

Then all of a sudden, I saw an American flag vigorously waving in the stiff breeze to my left. I started to walk toward it and then realized it was perched on the very edge of a sheer rock cliff. I then came to another realization – this flag is the same flag that Ann and I saw last week from ground level.

From the ground it looked so high up and unreachable and here I was, standing about 10 yards away from it.

A tight shot of the flag from below. Bonus photo bomb by the moon!

The video below gives a good ground level perspective of how high the flag is.

I tried to remain calm and take pix of the flag. I shot some video and tried several angles as shown below. However, my anxiety was building and I knew I was going to have limited time before I totally freaked out.

I nice tights shot makes the flag really pop
Naturally, I tried to get Mt. Timpanogos in the shot

After climbing back up to the trail, I continued my hike. When I got about a mile away from the flag, I was able to take another perspective shot shown below. The red arrow points to the barely visible flag.

The flag from about a mile away on the trail

All of this happened within the first 2 miles of my 8.1 mile hike. As usual, I came across a few other fun things to shoot as shown below. However, my focus today was on getting distance, so I did not allow myself to get to distracted with photos. Yes, that is possible…sometimes.

Love these flowers, especially as they are on the tail end of their beauty
This was one I had not yet seen this year

I was so happy to have had some exploration fun and to have made a good pace on my hike. While it was not strenuous, going that distance is a good thing. I have 11 days until the big climb up Mt. Timpanogos and I NEED to be ready!

One last ground level shot before I close. I like this one because of the hawks circling around and of course, the moon is in this one as well.

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