FALL-ing In Love

Beautiful woods off of the highway

I was looking forward all week to getting out today into some fall scenery. I was not disappointed.

I was thinking of going to Alta, Snowbird or Park City. I called an audible at the last minute and decided to drive out to Mirror Lake in the eastern Utah mountains. Loyal readers of this blog will remember the trip I took this summer to the same area.

My trip is shown in the map. From the moment I entered Provo Canyon near my home and all along the way, the scenery was majestic, gorgeous, colorful and so much fun to shoot.

Today’s journey

My first must stop location was in Provo Canyon right by the short tunnel. The light was hitting the trees and the water. So I pulled over and snapped a few pix shown below. The last one shows how close I was to the tunnel.

I like the hard and contrasty light and colors

Then next stopping point was after I came down the mountain the makes the southern border of the Jordanelle Reservoir. There is a bridge there on Hwy 32 that goes over the Provo River. I stopped and took the three photos below.

Those colors!
This river was part of almost the whole drive.
This shows the river right before it goes under the bridge.

No too far away from the bridge, I came across the photos below showing the fields and pastures.

In between this pastures and the lake, I came across a beautiful road of off the highway. The road goes over Soapstone Creek and heads into a wooded area. This may have been my favorite part. I could have spent hours walking around and exploring. The first photo on this post was taken there.

Leaves, leaves everywhere…
The creek gets marshy
Campers all over the route. This folks found a beautiful spot on the side of the mountain.

The next portion of photos are from when I got up in altitude. The colors were gone but there was still plenty of beauty. Once I made it over Bald Mountain pass at 10,700 feet. I headed down to Mirror Lake.

I got high today
The summit of Bald Mountain
Mirror Lake
A stream leading into Mirror Lake
The view of Bald Mountain from the lake
A young fisherman trying to catch some dinner

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