Corona Karma

Well, it has happened.

I officially have ‘the Rona’ and Karma is a B, as in a Bunch of symptoms. More on that below.

My Coronavirus test result.

Last Friday I began to notice the symptoms and felt so bad, that when I woke up, I did not even go to the gym. I don’t miss the gym for anything. That is a key indication of something being wrong.

I have been quarantined in my downstairs office area since Friday.

Me taken at the time of writing in my office area. Note the forced attempt at a smile.

Here are the symptoms I have experienced during the past 6 days:

Congestion, loss of taste, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, coughing, occasional mild fever and body aches. The worse of them all by far, have been the body aches. I have never felt anything like it.

They wake me up every night and challenge me throughout the day.

Three days ago, they were so bad in the middle of the night that I thought I was going to cry. Literally.
Like for reals.

I have been taking acetaminophen every 6 hours, doing Vitamins C and D as well as taking zinc. I have been drinking lots of water. I also take Nighttime Nyquil before bedtime.

I called this post Corona Karma because when the virus starting hitting earlier this Spring, I made some fun, good-hearted video spoofs about it. They are cheesy and very goofy.

Apparently, they pissed off the “Rona”, who has now exacted his nasty, spikey revenge.

The first one was a take off from Mc Hammer’s “You Can’t Touch This”, it was called “Can’t Touch This Quaran-Time.”

Well apparently the Coronavirus proved me wrong, because it could touch this, and it touched is with a heavy hammer.

The second video spoof I made was based of of Tone Loc’s classic “Funky Cold Medina.” My spoof, of course, is called, “Funky Quarantina.”

As I sit here trying to find ways to occupy myself while in quarantine and trying to manage the incredible aches that I have, I can still chuckle at the goofy videos.

However, for some reason, I think the virus may have the last laugh.

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